S01E08 Evo Terra – Founder of Podiobooks, professional speaker and traveler

S01E08 Evo Terra

Chris sits down with Evo Terra a professional speaker and traveler and the founder of Podiobooks a website designed to get authors noticed and build and audience using a blend of podcasting and audiobooks.

  • Season 1 – What advice would you give a teenager setting out on a new career?
  • Episode 8 – Evo Terra

Evo Terra is a writer, podcaster, radio broadcaster, speaker, and professional traveler. In February of 2015 Evo Terra and his wife Sheila Dee sold started The Opportunistic Travelers a podcast/web show about traveling the globe. Evo and Shelia document all their adventures and create location guides as they travel.

Evo Terra – http://www.evoterra.com/

The Opportunistic Travelers – http://www.theopportunistictravelers.com/

Podiobooks – http://podiobooks.com/

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