Thunder from Down Under – Michael Adams

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#NoLimits with Shelley Kenow
#NoLimits with Shelley Kenow
Thunder from Down Under - Michael Adams

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Shelley had a rough start to this one! She left in the blooper though just to remind herself and to let you know she is not perfect and this is as real as it gets. Skip through to about the 3 minute mark if you don’t want to hear her blooper.

Michael’s core focus in life is to help Improve the Life Expectancy, Daily Independence and Self Confidence for everyone living with Special Needs. He is a Passionate coach who has been in the Special Populations Personal Training Sector for over 7 Years.

Growing up with a non-verbal Autistic Cousin in NZ, when the opportunity arose he volunteered for a Special School needing fitness help in 2015. He loved coaching the class so much, the rest creates his history! Fast forward to the present, Michael has became a specialised Coach working with Athletes with Special Needs fulltime. In 2018, he established the Strong Hearts Program, a group program that specialises in Sport and Recreation for Special Needs Population.

It is a Program that provides a social and safe setting for Athletes with Special Needs to improve their heart health, gross/fine motor skills and social abilities – and ultimately, a sense of fulfilment and appreciation for the bodies they’re in. Michael is arguably the biggest kid of the whole team. When he isnt singing along to various Disney Songs, he is usually found in the gym, counting push ups and just generally being the annoying big brother to the athletes.

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