Nicholas Weaver 061822

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Top Texas Prospects
Top Texas Prospects
Nicholas Weaver 061822

Top Texas Prospects
Season 4, Episode 2

Episode notes:
Matt Davidson and Marc Henry talk with Nicholas Weaver, Class of 2024 Wideout/Tight End from Royse City High School.
Nicholas had a great 2021 campaign, where he was 8-5A DII second team all district.
Marc talks with Nicholas about his path into athletics. Nicholas explains that he has always loved sports and that his dad was the person who introduced him to athletics. Nicholas tells Marc some of the important things that he works on as a wideout. Weaver talks about his visit and camp experience at the University of North Texas. He explains that he went against some excellent competition, and that the ability to work with college coaches helps his game.
Weaver is a multiple sport athlete who also plays basketball and runs track. Nicholas believes that each sport contributes to his game and helps him excel. Weaver talks about some of the extra workouts he does to stay in shape.
Matt talks with Nicholas Weaver about growing up in Royse City and some fun things he likes to do. Weaver tells Matt about his basketball journey and how much love he has for the game. He tells Matt how influential his father is in his sports life and how it has been so much fun. Matt and Nicholas talk about his upcoming season and what he’s looking forward to the most.
Nicholas Weaver, Royse City High School, is a Top Texas Prospect to keep an eye on.
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