Ep. 3 Acoustics Matters, Intuition vs Discernment

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From Wounds to Scars to Beauty Marks - by Dr. Octavious Bishop
From Wounds to Scars to Beauty Marks
Ep. 3 Acoustics Matters, Intuition vs Discernment

Ep. 3 Acoustics Matters, Intuition vs Discernment

Welcome to the From Wounds to Beauty Marks podcast.  My name is Octavious Bishop, and I am thrilled that you would choose to listen to this podcast.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.  We live in a loud and noisy world today.  The toxic nature in which information is being spread through the media, and on just about every social media platform is concerning.  The old saying that bad news sells, but good news is slow to show, sure holds much weight in the hearts and minds of people across the globe.  I have been a psychology professor for the past 15 years, a pastor since 2015, and a speaker since 2012.  One of the most complex and interesting topics and lectures I have taught over the years is on the topic, of intuition vs. discernment.

As a former collegiate, and professional offensive lineman, I learned early on that offensive line coaches…..were let’s just say very direct with correction.  I personally never had a problem with the direct nature of the constructive criticism or the abrupt presence that many of them had while I was playing.  The value of knowing where I stood no matter how the information was delivered from my position coaches was much appreciated.  This sentiment was not held by some of my fellow offensive linemen while being coached in the very physically, and mentally grinding sport of football.  From the very beginning of my career, I understood that being coached hard was a peek into the potential others see in me that I could not see in myself.  I am thankful to every coach that believed in me whether they were cursing me out, praising, or praising how I played.

It was a privilege to receive such honest feedback from my coaches.  The training made me durable, and the coaching had me prepared to play, but constructive criticism built my mentality.  My career outside of football has been enhanced beyond the academic degrees I hold, and the accolades I have received throughout my football career.  In this life, a song is being played, and every living being on earth has a note to play.  Learning to hear the note we were created to play first, takes awareness, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Self-awareness leads us on the journey of addressing our perceptions about situations, circumstances, and human behavior.  Physical awareness plays an essential role in being present.  In my psychology classes, I challenge my students and those I have counseled, and mentored, to explore where in their bodies they feel stress, shame, guilt, anger, frustration, anxiety, happiness, excitement, and fulfillment.  Mentally, I teach students the difference between the expression of our brains vs. the abstract nature of our minds.  These concepts play a significant role in how we manage our limbic system which is responsible for our emotional regulation, and the play on our prefrontal cortex which is responsible for our decision making.  Our spiritual journey through this lens of life offers us a look into the possibilities beyond physical matter, what we can see with our faulty eyes.  Spirituality builds a bridge to explore consciousness outside of our thoughts, and limited understanding of why we even exist.

As stated earlier, the world we live in today is full of information.  This has both advantages and disadvantages concerning how we each process the most pressing issue of our society.  Let’s explore the strengths of both intuition and discernment.   The strengths of intuition can be assessed the lens of first speed and efficiency.  Intuition allows for quick decision-making without the need for extensive analysis or deliberation. It can provide immediate insights or responses, which can be valuable in time-sensitive situations.  It is important to note that our intuition is not always correct.  Due to our judgmental nature, we are often wrong about judging others without relational investment, through comparison, trends, societal norms, and cycles of socialization that influence our behavior towards others.  The second strength of intuition is pattern recognition. Intuition often relies on our subconscious ability to recognize patterns and make connections. It can help us identify trends or relationships that may not be immediately apparent through logical reasoning.
The third strength is emotional intelligence.  Intuition can be closely linked to our emotions and can help us tap into our feelings and instincts. It can provide a valuable perspective that considers our emotions and the emotions of others involved in the decision-making process.  It is important to pay close attention to our gut feelings.  It is more important to rest on strong principles of belief that we accumulate over time to gain wisdom.

So, what is discernment? Discernment is the ability to perceive, understand, and judge things clearly, especially those that are not obvious or straightforward.

The strength of discernment is assessed through a cognitive lens of critical thinking.  Discernment involves a more deliberate and analytical approach to decision-making. It allows for careful evaluation of information, considering different perspectives, and weighing the pros and cons of various options.  Discernment is evidence-based and relies on evidence and reasoning to make informed decisions. It involves gathering and analyzing data, conducting research, and making logical connections between different pieces of information.  The last strength is risk assessment. Discernment helps in assessing and managing risks associated with different choices. It allows for a thorough examination of potential consequences and helps in making decisions that minimize risks and maximize benefits.  Risk assessment is where boundaries must be set to protect what is most valuable and important to you.  Marriages, careers, parenting, mentoring, coaching, business relationships…etc.

Today, I want to challenge us all to deeply dive into how we process all the information we are being influenced by.  Whether it’s the polarization of politics, marriage issues, or making a decision regarding finances, exploring, understanding, and becoming more aware of our intuition, and discernment will play a profound role in our future.  So, remember, a song is being played, and we each have a note to play in this life.  Are we out of tune?  Are we on rhythm?  Has the noise of information changed the structure of our brain’s limbic system, and invaded our prefrontal cortex, causing decisions to be made that are detrimental to our very being? The beauty of our brains is found in just how plastic each of our brains are.  The plasticity of our brains is essentially how we change our behavior.  We are created to learn.  Our minds are vast in scope and have only the limits we allow to focus on.

I sincerely hope there is something you can take from this episode and implement into your company.  I’m Dr. Octavious Bishop, and I thank you so much for joining the From Wounds to Scars to Beauty Marks podcast.

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