Volleyball MasterCoaches Weekly Buzz

Hosted ByBob Bertucci and Mick Haley

An Inside Look at the Pro Volleyball Federation with CEO Jen Spicher

THE RUNDOWN Presented by Volleyball MasterCoaches, this week’s edition of Wednesday Weekly features a guest from the new Pro Volleyball Federation! Jen Spicher, CEO of the PVF joins The Buzz to discuss the early success of the Federation, its goals for the rest of the inaugural season, and what lies ahead in the years to come for America’s all new league for Real Pro Volleyball. Later in the show, we will switch gears for our “Buzz Reaction” as the MasterCoaches react to the most recent matchups in the league and share their thoughts on other top stories on the volleyball newswires.

CLASS IS IN SESSION Today’s MasterCoaches panel features Bob Bertucci, Tom Hibert, and Jim Stone.

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