In-depth New Orleans Saints discussion, Dak and Cowboys still not on the same page and more on Dunbar, Baker charges

Season 1 Episode 3

Today Matt, Marc, Miguel, and Tk welcome in a guest host. Riley Biers, a New Orleans Saints insider and fan.

The Time Out Crew comes out of the gate and talks about the alleged robbery by Quinton Dunbar and DeAndre Baker. They weigh in on if the charges are legit and how it affects each player and how the NFL has another black eye due to current players’ actions.

Jeffrey Okudah is a first-round pick of the Detroit Lions in the 2020 NFL Draft. Okudah played his college football at Ohio State University. Since he was drafted by the Lions he has had Michigan Wolverine fans heckling him. It’s been a back and forth affair. The Time Out Crew dives headfirst in on this topic.

The big news this week is Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys are still not on the same page in completing his long term deal. Several reports surfaced this week that Dak hasn’t signed the deal because he wants a four-year deal and the Cowboys want five. Turns out it was a fake report. Our Time Out Crew gives their opinions on the whole mess. Our guys really go in hard on the Cowboys and Dak Prescott.

Finally our Time Out Crew and special guest Riley Beirs go deep into the New Orleans Saints. Beirs is a Saints insider and fan. The guys talk about the Jameis Winston signing, Emmanuel Sanders and Drew Brees. The Time Out Crew and Beirs also discuss how the Saints will finish in their division I’m 2020  and if they reach the Super Bowl this year.


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