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Ep 83 – Facebook Now Allows 3rd Party Ads

The Marketing Drive

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Welcome to Episode 83 of The Marketing Drive with Chris Doelle.

Facebook has changed a lot in the past few years and they are now allowing 3rd party ads!

This show is so named because I record it unscripted and unedited on my commute to work. When an idea pops in my head, I hit record. You get my off-the-cuff take on anything related to marketing your business. Be sure to send your show ideas and questions and I will use them for future shows!

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Hey everybody welcome back to the Marketing Drive, I am Chris Doelle and this is the show where I use my commute time to talk about one actionable marketing idea, thought, tip, trick you name it. Just talk a little bit about marketing in a way that it’ll help you and gosh if there is one thing you can be sure of when it comes to marketing and specifically social media marketing is that change is inevitable. You remember a few years back, Facebook put out groups and they exploded on to the scene. They did really well. The brands jump on them; they went and put up all these posts, and comments and content. And like I said it exploded and then Facebook say “Wait a minute, we want to make some money”. So they did away the groups, made pages so they were wiping out 2 years’ worth of content to some people. And then made it to where on pages you couldn’t put, basically you can’t create your own ads on your own Facebook page. But that change! That just change. In fact, I’m gonna read a statement on a blog post that Facebook put out where they say “Branded content was one of the first forms of television marketing. When soap operas where created and sponsored by brands in the 1930s, it evolved to product placement and sponsorships across TV and radio and now includes digital editorial content that highlights a marketer’s product or service. On Facebook, we define branded content as any post including text, photos, videos, instant articles, links, 360 videos and live videos that specifically mention or feature a third party product, brand or sponsor. It is typically posted by media companies, celebrities and other influencers.” And that was outlawed. They said no you can’t do that. Today they say in the same blog post “Today we’re updating our branded content policy to enable verified pages to share branded content on Facebook”. That’s big. How that’s big news for us as marketers and you as business owners is that you can now do…I guess what amounts to a more subtle play on Facebook. You can do content, you can do product placement, you can do things like that where in the past you weren’t able to do that at all. So within videos now and I’ll do another show on live-streaming videos because that’s another big one. So now here are some things that have changed; still illegal, still wrong, still will get you kicked out if you do pre-roll, mid-roll, or post roll ads on your videos. Or, if you do title cards featuring the sponsor or graphic overlays or watermarks on images if it’s…I guess obvious enough front it’s still against the rules. But these ones are allowed now promotions…videos or photos featuring third party products that differ from the page and product placement, sponsors logo…again this is third party. So what it means is I can’t on my Facebook page promote ABC company if my company is ABC company but if ABC company sells XYZ wrenches because it’s not my company and vice versa. What really works out good is for people who are creating…let’s say podcasts where they interviewing other people. Comes in beautifully, I can interview you on my podcast, I can put your product in there, I can promote what you’re doing in my podcast. And when you go do it, when you go share that stuff over there, you can do the same thing for me. So you have to be a little bit creative. There’s still the advertising Nazis will still jump on you and try to get you to buy their ad. And that’s still probably a good idea because there is still some good value in Facebook ad. But it is a change, so we’re seeing like I said a subtle shift and Facebook’s just gonna try to figure out how they can get a piece of it. Alright thanks again for tuning in to the Marketing Drive and as always I’m your host, Chris Doelle, reminding you…to keep it real!

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