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Ep 82 – Integrity Is Your Best Marketing

The Marketing Drive

Short marketing message that you can use right now!

Welcome to Episode 82 of The Marketing Drive with Chris Doelle.

Integrity is the best tool you can use when doing your marketing. Having integrity will show customers you are valuable more than any ad, any social media posts, and content you put out.

This show is so named because I record it unscripted and unedited on my commute to work. When an idea pops in my head, I hit record. You get my off-the-cuff take on anything related to marketing your business. Be sure to send your show ideas and questions and I will use them for future shows!

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Hey everybody welcome back to the Marketing Drive, I am Chris Doelle and this is the show where I use my commute time to talk about what marketing or business ideas…something that will help you do a better job get more customers, make more money, reach more people, whatever it is. I guess the focus of the show isn’t necessarily anyone of those items but in the whole, it kind of covers the entire gamut. Today, this may seem a stretch when you’re thinking I’m gonna make use of the marketing thing, this is a cool marketing thing but it’s a little different. I wanna talk about integrity and character, and how that really affects everything you do. Sure you can buy an ad or a banner ad on a website and your integrity and character isn’t evidence from that. But that’s just a piece of the puzzle. In addition to attracting that initial client, you need to keep that client. You need to not only keep that client, you need to have that client say “Holy molly, this guy…this gal is amazing! I’m gonna tell my friends.” And you do that with character, with class, with some sense of decency. It’s funny I was talking with a fellow marketing person, I’m trying to make sure I don’t give anything like…I don’t want to discourage anybody. The gentleman says that he’s a marketer, okay. And his client came to me and said “Hey, I really need you to take a look at what we’re doing because I heard great things about you and I want to make sure that we’re doing the right thing. And by the way I got this guy who is kind of a friend, kind of somehow angled his way into view as my marketing guy. I like the guy, I don’t want to hurt the guy, I don’t want to take away business from but I want someone else to take a look at it, sort of a second opinion.” So I said “Sure, no problem. Not a problem.” In fact, I worked with a ton of marketers. Marketers who either have pieces, skill sets that may be they do better than I do that I’ll work with them and outsourcing them out or vice versa. And as often the case, they’ll say “Look I can do X but I can’t do Y and Z. Can you do that for me?” That’s very standard in the business. Anybody who’s been around a while and this is in any business, not just marketing. If you’ve been around a while, you do have relationships with “competitors” but if you see the world not as a pie that is divided amongst all of us but instead as a pie-making machine then you don’t care, then you want to work with those other people. So that’s the way I see the world. This is not a zero soft game that if I lose a dollar worth of business to my competitor, he gains a dollar worth business and vice versa. That’s not the way it is, I think together I could may be hand him a dollar’s worth of business and make us both two dollars because now we’re more productive. So I went to check this out, I thought he was doing basic things wrong about his website himself. And so I pointed it out, a very PC way of pointing it out “Hey, here’s how I would do it. I will do something like this and here’s why”. So I got this call from this angry guy saying “Hey what are you doing, you’re taking food out of my mouth when you’re telling him do this the other way”. And I haven’t even slipped it to work, right, I just told the client that “Hey, here’s how I would do it”. And it really struck me, you know, if that gentleman were as interested in his client’s outcome as he is, in his own outcome he wouldn’t worry about money or food coming out of his table to keep this same analogy because you don’t have to worry about your income…about you making money if you worry about your customers first. If you make sure that their success is number one. In the 30 years of business, I have often times found myself where the best solution for a client was maybe to not put as much money into doing what I was doing for them. You would thereby, you would think cutting my own throat in terms of income…no, no, no it doesn’t even come close. The refreshing honesty of somebody coming to you saying “Yeah don’t pay me that much money, here’s a better way to do it.” I mean that is so refreshing these days that you got somebody who will be honest with you about stuff like that. And then that is a huge boost to your business, talk about referrals. And that’s why I got this referral which frankly because this client have said “Look I have talked to 10 different people about you, everyone has glowing recommendations saying that look he will treat your right, he’ll do what’s right for you, he will put you ahead of him all day long”. And again the client just keeps reiterating everybody was saying the exact same thing. That was my take away from the whole thing is be honest, have some character, have some class and do what’s right for your clients. If you serve your clients first, they will stay around, they will bring their friends and you will do great. Alright once again I wanna thank you for listening to the Marketing Drive, I am Chris Doelle reminding you…to be honest and keep it real!

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