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Ep 80 – I’m Not The Cheapest But I Am The Best

The Marketing Drive

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Welcome to Episode 80 of The Marketing Drive with Chris Doelle.

You can’t budget your marketing because if your marketing works then you shouldn’t be cutting back on it. If you are not putting in enough money to your marketing then it just won’t work well and you will be wasting your money. This can also relate to customers, you need to be able to say you can do a GREAT job, and not be ashamed with your price (even if it is higher than others).

This show is so named because I record it unscripted and unedited on my commute to work. When an idea pops in my head, I hit record. You get my off-the-cuff take on anything related to marketing your business. Be sure to send your show ideas and questions and I will use them for future shows!

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Hey everybody, welcome back to the Marketing Drive. I am Chris Doelle and this is the show where I use my commute time, just to refresh, to rehash, to go over one marketing idea, thought, tip, trick, concept, you name it. Just talk a little about marketing and hopefully something that will be applicable to you that you can put right into action. Today, I wanna talk about who you are and if it relates to your target customer. I know we’ve talked before about creating this avatar, that is your perfect customer. But I wanna talk about you in that equation too. How do you describe yourself? Are you the answer to everything? Are you the every man’s solution? A lot of people fall into that trap and they try to say “Well, I’ll take anybody as a customer.” But the only thing that guarantees is that you won’t have much success. So, one of the things I’ve done, I’ve been real clear that not everybody is a good customer for me. What I’m doing content marketing is the hot catch phrase. But what I’ve been doing is tell people stories by using the best mediums out there to tell those stories. And the way the world is right now, that’s something that everybody can do a little bit, but to do it well takes money. Bottom-line, you can’t do it on the cheap. Now I’m not saying you’ve gotta be prank to do a good job. I’m saying you can’t pinch your marketing dollars down to nothing. You can’t always count the beans and say “No, I don’t have enough into marketing so I’m gonna cut back from that. Because you know, if your marketing works, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t put everything you have into it. Because if it has a return, it’s bringing more than it is costing. That said, it’s gonna cost something. If you’re in content marketing, to do a good job of blogging, podcasting, video casting, sharing on social media, on monitoring your social media presences, on responding to people, to do a good job…if that takes depending on your industry, $1500 a month or $5000 a month. You can’t then say “Well,  I can afford 500, I can see 500 or 450, I can see spending $300 a month, I can see that”. The problem is, the tipping point. If you don’t spend the money to the baseline, it’s all wasted. So if you’re trying to get by with $700, when it takes $1500 to do a good job, you’re going fail.  So the same thing applies to your customers, when you know that to do your job, say you’re a plumber, to do a good job at a X job, it costs a thousand dollars. Be upfront about that, be upfront to your customers. And don’t say “Hey, I’m the cheapest plumber in town”. If you’re going after that market, you’re doomed, you really are doomed. There is no future in that, unless your volume is so large. You have to be the Walmart of plumbers to be able to get away with that or stay in business for very long. Be upfront and say “Yeah, I can do it, it’s gonna cost you $2000 but it’s going to more than pay for itself. Yeah, you could go out and get somebody to do it for  $900 but he’ll be doing it 3 times in the time that my one  job lasts”. So be clear on that and don’t be ashamed of what you cost, of what your charges are, do not be ashamed of that . I know early on business that is one of the biggest struggle I had when I first hanged out the sign “Hey, I’m a marketing guy”. I got sucked in to those “for me” stories and I just really can’t afford  it. And I would try to cut them a deal and try to help them out. It didn’t help them out, certainly it didn’t help me out. So it’s better to just figure out what it takes to do a good job, a damn fine job. If you can’t say that I do a great job at whatever it is  you do, then I don’t want as your customer. I don’t want have market that you know somebody who isn’t out there providing top quality products or service. I’m not interested in you as a customer, you shouldn’t be interested in me as a service provider, handling your marketing if I’m able to get in there and do it for pennies. Yeah, it may help you one week or one month, you may get something out of it. But long term, it can’t be sustained. So all of it will end up happening as you won’t be able to provide the kind of service that people rave about. And if you can’t provide the service that people rave about, they won;t refer people to you. If they don’t refer people to you, you won’t grow, If you can’t make a profit, none of it matters. So don’t be afraid to, one, be clear about what it costs for your service in every bit of your marketing, be very clear about that. And don’t sell yourself as the lowest, cheapest solution. Sell yourself, again it’s gotta be true, as the best solution. As the most cost effective, quite possibly, most of the time, not the most inexpensive. So there you have it, thanks again for listening to Marketing Drive. I am Chris Doelle, I am not the cheapest, but I’m the best in the business in marketing your business. Until next time, hey, keep it real!

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