Clowney turns down Browns deal, Flacco to the Jets and ranking NFC divisions

Season 1 Episode 4

The Time Out NFL Show is back for episode number four with a special guest. Matt, Marc and Miguel welcome in a special guest from Canada. Syd is a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan and brings some heat this week to the Time Out NFL Show.

First up the guys from Time Out discuss Dak Prescott and his ongoing dispute with the Dallas Cowboys. The guys all agree that Dak will get paid. Syd thinks that the Cowboys are playing hardball with Dak and that Jerry Jones is putting out fake news. Miguel says bring in Cam Newton to Dallas and Marc disagrees saying that Dallas will get the deal done before the deadline in July. Matt believes the deal will get done and Dak will be a Cowboy.

The Time Out Crew talks about Jadeveon Clowney turning down an offer from the Cleveland Browns this week. Miguel believes it would be a great fit in Cleveland for Clowney. But he also thinks that Clowney wants to be on a Super Bowl contender. Syd, Marc, and Matt agree that Clowney would be an asset to the Browns defense, but Clowney is asking for more money than the Browns want to pay for a player that has had some injuries in the past.

The Time Out crew discusses Joe Flacco signing with the New York Jets to be Sam Darnold’s back up. Marc thinks Flacco is going in with mindset of being a support system for Sam and has excepted that role for the Jets. Syd, Matt, and Miguel believe that Flacco still wants to be a starter in the NFL and think that Cam Newton is a better option as an NFL starter. The guys all agree that Cam Newton will get a job again in the NFL.

The Time Out guys talk about rumors that Russell  Wilson is telling the Seattle Seahawks to bring in Antonio Brown. The guys all agree this would elevate the Seahawks into a Super Bowl contender. The crew also agrees that Antonio Brown has to be a model citizen if he were to land in Seattle and the Seahawks should bring back Marshawn Lynch.

The Time Out guys talk about who has more pressure heading into 2020 Tom Brady or Dak Prescott. The guys believe when Dak Prescott does eventually get signed to a long term deal that he will have to most pressure on him. For Tom Brady, the crew believes he will have to make adjustments to coaching as well as his environment in Tampa.

Lastly the Time Out Crew ranks the NFC divisions from top to bottom. The guys really debate which teams are at the top and how they see the playoffs shaping up in the 2020 season.

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